My 75 Gallon Reef

My current tank is a 75 Gallon Reef with a 29 gallon sump. It was setup the beginning of April 2015 after being a freshwater tank for a number of years. This tank will be primarily SPS with a few LPS added for color and movement.

This page will get far more exiting as the tank grows out and more pictures are added. Basically my goal is to outdo my old 180.FTS


I've had great success with DSB's, but found that the tanks went downhill after a while. After that experience I got serious ally into the BB methodology as a way to maintain a tank for a longer period of time. In my zest for keeping a clean tank I overdid things and starved many of my corals. I still feel that BB tanks are the way to go, but I do love the look of sand so in this tank I keep a very thin sand bed. To make sure that I don't starve any more corals I now feed my tank much more than I ever did before.

With all that feeding proper skimming is a must. I have a section of my sump that I could use for a refugium, but thus far I have not found a need for that. My tank overflows into a 29G sump which contains my skimmer which draws water from right next to the drain. My skimmer is shut off for 30 min when I feed but otherwise runs 24/7 and is set to skim wet for the best detritus removal. I don't run any mechanical media at all.