Tech Specs

Here is the equipment that keeps my tank healthy and happy:

The main tank is a 4 foot 75 gallon
I have about 40 LBS of dry rock and 20 LBS of live rock
It has a 29 Gallon sump which includes a settling area for detritus
I use a Bubble Magnus curve 5 skimmer, running wet
I have 4x54W T5's over the tank. See image below for PAR numbers
I use an Apex controller which runs everything and has some fail safe programming
There is a 5G auto topoff run by the Apex


I'm not particularly thrilled with these PAR numbers, I expect to upgrade with 2 more bulbs, or maybe some LED's in the future, but for now all is doing well so I'm going to see how it goes.

Here is a picture of my sump.